Base de datos de los cnidocistos de anémonas de mar y coralimorfarios

The aim of the Cnidabase is to compile the greatest amount as possible of data of cnidae of different species of sea anemones (Order Actiniaria) and corallimorpharians (Order Corallimorpharia) from different regions of the world. Mainly size ranges (in µm), abundance and images, when possible, will be provided. In this first version, the database provides the cnidae of some species, but the general purpose is to progressively include the largest possible number of species from around the world, thus it will be enhanced in successive versions. Nomenclature of cnidocysts responds to the indicated in the source in each case. Measurements are expressed in μm. We appreciate the cooperation of all those who wish to submit data for inclusion in the database. In that sense, we will provide a standard form to send the information. The collaborator name will be mentioned in the file of the corresponding species. Also, suggestions and error reporting are welcome. This database is open access and should be cited as follow:

Garese, A & FH Acuña. 2016. Cnidabase: Database of the cnidae of sea anemones and corallimorpharians.

Please for cooperation, corrections, or suggestions contact us sending an e-mail to: or


  • Antonella Padula
  • Aylén de Prinzio


Lanzado:  13 Octubre, 2016. Actualizado: 7 Agosto, 2017.